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This Jorunna sea slug looks like a tiny, fluffy “sea bunny”

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Sea bunnies, sesame-coated snow rabbits, ゴマフビロードウミウシ or gomafu biroodo umiushi meaning black speckled velvet sea slugs… These Jorunna Parva sea slugs look like white fluffy bunnies and have been given a variety of nicknames and descriptions since their cute images and videos went viral. The one above was filmed by a diver off the coast of Japan in 2014.

The slug’s “ears” are actually rhinophoresrhino = nose, and phore = to bear or carry — the creature’s scent or taste receptors. Here’s an orange one:

There are more sea slugs, more mollusks, more from Japan, more super cute videos, and actual fluffy rabbit videos in the archives.

via My Modern Met.

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