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Three classic “Muppet Hands” films

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The YouTube channel MonsterpieceTheatre specializes in sharing classic Sesame Street shorts like the video above: Three “Muppet Hands” films with remastered audio.

Watch gloved hands communicate and learn together as they pair a glass of milk with a picture of its source, share a piece of cake, and find different ways to count to three.

does milk come from a tree?

“From Season 2 (1970-1971). I compiled the three films that were scored by that wonderful Joe Raposo piece with the electric harpsichord, bassoon, recorder, bells and glockenspiel.

Fran Brill narrates the second and third films. I had a lot or work to do because the audio was inconsistent from source to source, and with only two surviving episodes with the latter film, so I took the liberty of going full stereo with that one. Hope I did a decent job.”

shaking hands
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