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Three minutes to the center of the Earth, an animated journey

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Like onions and ogres, Earth is made of layers: the crust, the mantle, the outer core, and the inner core. But what are those layers made of? What animals dig the deepest burrows? How far down have we drilled? And what are those two continent-size blobs that cradle the outer core?

Take this three minute voyage to the center of the Earth with The Royal Society, an animation made in partnership with BBC Ideas. Seismologist and deep Earth expert Dr. Paula Koelemeijer narrates.

digging in the earth's crust
Her bio via Futurum Careers, where Dr. Koelemeijer shares free educational resources that teachers can use in class:

“Dr Paula Koelemeijer, a seismologist at the University of Oxford, UK, uses seismic waves to β€˜X-ray’ our planet, enabling her to build a picture of the structures that exist deep in the mantle and to interpret these in terms of the processes that have shaped our planet.”

underground city
Plus, related from the video: There are many ancient underground cities in Turkey, Elengubu, aka Derinkuyu, being the most famous. Visit another one with the BBC News on TKSST: Matiate, the hidden underground city beneath Midyat, Turkey.

β€’Β What landscapes are hidden deep within the Earth? Lesson and media by Dr Paula Koelemeijer.
β€’Β Earth Structure, for grades 3-12 at National Geographic.
β€’Β 16 Engaging Layers Of The Earth Activities via Teaching Expertise.

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Bonus: Three proofs that Earth is round with NASA’s Michelle Thaller.

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