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Time lapse construction of the world’s tallest prefab skyscraper

Broad Sustainable Building (BSB) is a Chinese construction company that’s made the headlines with their 2012 proposal to build Sky City, a prefabricated skyscraper in Changsha, Hunan, China in only 90 days (not counting the 120 days for prefab in the factory).

While that record has yet to take place, this 57 story skyscraper was assembled in just 19 days, also a new record. That’s 3 stories a day — with 800 apartments and office space for 4,000 people — built by 1,200 workers.

In addition to the prefab construction, it’s not your average building. Reportedly earthquake safe and energy efficient, the architects are looking to innovate how people live within the skyscraper. From Treehugger:

A key element in the design of Sky City is the interior square and “sky street” that connects the building vertically. There are 19 of these 3 story high atria stacked on top of each other, and 3.6 km (2.23 miles) of ramp. The atria can be used for basketball, tennis, theaters or even vertical farms.

The building technology even purifies the outside air in three stages when it enters the structure, an important factor in a region that’s battling air pollution.

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