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Tori Boggs, professional jump roper

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Tori Boggs is a record-breaking, trick-inventing pioneer in the sport of jump rope. In this Wired Obsessed video, she demonstrates her moves, including the Mic Release, the Splits, the Bubble, the Kamikaze, the Back Tuck, the TJ, the Webster, the Johmmy, and the Torminator. Practice when into all of them.

“Yeah, I was not good at jump rope when I first started… I remember the very first time I saw jump rope, I was five years old, I thought it was the coolest thing and couldn’t stay away from it. There was a lot of struggle. I was always really having to practice hard. There definitely was never a natural talent or affinity towards using the rope.”

Tori Boggs
Note: At 7m38s, she shares video footage of a daring and dangerous fire jumping trick, and describes how she injured herself in the attempt.

Reminder: Boggs is a professional. Do not try fire tricks at home. As Wired reminds, “her jump roping feats are potentially dangerous activities that may be harmful or cause serious injury if you are not properly trained.”

tori mid-jump
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