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Tracking hungry Alaskan grizzly bears with Phil Torres

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Biologist, conservationist, and adventurer Phil Torres traveled to Alaska where he attentively tracked signs of wild bears while on the way to a river full of salmon. This Alaskan Grizzly Bear Adventure video takes us with him as he treads carefully with pepper spray in hand.

Luckily, when he sees his first wild grizzly—one of the largest land predators on the planet—it’s a ways away and happily focused on a fisher’s leftover salmon that’s floating in the water. Torres captures great footage.

grizzly bear spotted
fishing for salmon
The bear at peace in its ecosystem is a majestic sight that returns Torres back to a message of conservation:

“…being here seeing the importance of these rivers, these streams, these lakes, to the salmon, you can’t put a price on that. Those salmon have been here for millions of years, the Alaskans that have been here and relied upon them, and smoke them, and use them to survive the cold winters, have been here for, what, eight, ten thousand years. So to come in and do a short-term project that maybe will get 500 billion [dollars] over 100 years… what does that do to the future? What happens to generations 200 years from now, 500 years from now… would they still get this treasure…? “

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