Built in pieces on his small kitchen table, Peter Kokis of Brooklyn RobotWorks creates 64-77 kilogram (140-170 pound) exoskeletons, mechanical-looking suits of armor, that wow kids and adults all over New York City. This Atlantic video, One Man’s Trash directed by The Craig Brothers, refers to them as ‘eco-robots’ because the exoskeletons are made from repurposed household items.

Kitchen strainers, contact lens case holders, juicers, ice scrapers, lanterns, soap dispensers, vacuum cleaner and office chair parts… you name it; Kokis uses anything and everything that’s visually complex to create an impressive, machine-like illusion. Language note: Kokis also uses a casual minced oath around 2m7s. From his site:

I look at the shape of objects and see their potential to portray something. Virtually everything can be changed to suit my needs: re-shaped, cut-down, painted…altered in my ‘foundry’, to be seen as something else. I manipulate plastic from different – but typical -containers, and use ordinary household, hardware, gym, petshop & discount items: things you’ll find in your kitchen, bathroom, closets, fridge, and junk drawer. Stuff that’s readily available to us all.

Look closely at my parts and you’ll say, ‘hey, I have that at home!’ I create detailed, dazzling life-sized depictions of your favorite characters in fully-functional costume form…

Peter Kokis
Peter Kokis
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