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Twin tiger cubs meet an adult tiger for the first time

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Tigers make vocalizations to communicate. What sounds will adult Sumatran tiger Maneki make when she sees and smells Sumatran tiger cubs Spot and Stripe in the open air for the first time? What will the tiger cubs think of this large and potentially dangerous predator?

In this video clip from Tigers About The House, British-born Australia Zoo keeper Giles Clark and his team start socializing the highly endangered tigers with the two tiger cubs. It’s a first step to getting the cubs accepted into the same community with the ten big tigers the zoo cares for.

tigers meet
Socialization with the big cats seems to go well. In the next video, both cubs are older, in an outdoor habitat, and are getting their big teeth. Watch:

A bit of research reveals that both young tigers were renamed. Spot, who is now blind, is named Hunter and still lives at Australia Zoo. Stripe, now named Clarence, is at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, and recently became a father to tiger cub triplets.

Read more about Sumatran tigers at National Geographic.

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