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Two Triple Lightning Strikes in Chicago

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On June 30, 2014, videographer Craig Shimala set up his cameras to capture a derecho, “a widespread, long-lived, straight-line wind storm,” as it passed through Chicago. In the speedy time-lapse footage above, you can clearly see a triple lightning strike on three of Chicago’s tallest buildings. Bonus: This is actually the second time that Shimala has caught a tripe strike on the Willis Tower, Trump Tower and John Hancock Building. Of a June 23rd, 2010 storm, he wrote:

I was standing out there randomly hitting the record button and hoping I would catch some of the strikes. About 15 minutes in nothing was happening during my current recording so I reached to stop it and start a new one. At the moment I touched the camera three of the tallest buildings in Chicago were struck by lightning at the same time. Willis Tower (Tallest), Trump International Hotel and Tower (2nd Tallest) and the John Hancock Building(4th tallest). If you listen closely, you can hear me lightly say “yes!” after the triple strike happens:

There’s more lightning in the archives, including lightning in Toronto, lightning captured at 7,207 images per second, and how lightning is formed.

via Colossal.

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