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How can hidden castles pop up from chunks of wood?

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These burled chunks of wood conceal castle-like structures, imaginary cities that are meticulously carved to pop up and hide again.

Uli Kirchler cuts these multi-level structures from burls, bulbous tree growths. This Localish video goes behind the scenes with the Portland, Oregon-based Italian artist to see how he creates these fantastical wood pop-up sculptures.

“I’m working with woods from the Northwest. We have incredibly exotic woods here that I’m able to take advantage. Burls, the natural edge, anything with an interesting natural edge outside… I take these pieces… and then make decisions where to cut these little buildings out of.

“I use a scroll saw, tilt them on a slight angle. And because they’re tapered, instead of shooting straight out—falling straight out—they get stuck. I add some plugs on the bottom so they don’t fall out of the bottom. But one shake makes them all catapult out. And one tap, they all disappear.”

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