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Un sedicesimo n°44, crushed plastic balloons on paper

Un sedicesimo n°44, colorful balloon layers created by crushing plastic bubbles onto white paper. Designer, digital media researcher, and teacher Lorenzo Bravi created these with a retro Italian plastic toy called Crystal Ball (B’loonies or Super Elastic Bubble Plastic in the States) in response to an experimental assignment developed at Italian art school ISIA Urbino. It can aid in exploring new materials and for shaking off creative blocks.

Basic Design, exercise n°1:
Utilize any available instrument to produce signs of various nature on white paper sheets. Make an effort to adapt the chosen instruments to unconventional uses. Proceed by spontaneous and free experimentation: do not try to attain a specific mark or even to predict the outcome. Do not exclude any procedure or combination without testing it first. Once the outcome of the exercise manages to capture your attention for no apparent reason, the experience has temporarily fulfilled its goal. Repeat periodically.

Try the assignment with your own unconventional materials.

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