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Underwater Adventure in Bali with Maddie and Greg

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In 2017, Maddie Moate and Greg Foot went on a delightful underwater adventure in Bali, Indonesia to search for animals that live in a coral reef. During the dive, they spot sharks, turtles, giant sea cucumbers, and more. Their information-filled video is especially for toddlers and early elementary-age kids.

swimming with a hawksbill
Moate recently shared a second video from their trip. In it, they explore a shipwreck that has turned into an underwater wildlife habitat. The short was featured in the Coral Reefs & Kelp Forests episode of their live YouTube family science show Let’s Go Live!

underwater shipwreck
They also spot a leaf scorpionfish, a map puffer, a blue starfish, either a sweetlips or black snapper, a clownfish, an anemone, a Moorish idol, an emperor angelfish, a mantis shrimp, a black feather star, a colorful nudibranch, a doughboy starfish, a different type of scorpionfish, and a hawksbill sea turtle.

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