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A diver makes underwater vortex rings that can knock over rocks

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Observe how a diver creates a bubble ring or vortex ring in the video above. From

A vortex ring is the phenomenon where a quantity of fluid or gas in a toroid (donut) shape, travels through a medium of fluid or gas, while spinning like a thick circular bracelet that is being rolled off of a person’s arm. (Except the spin is in the opposite direction as when a bracelet is rolled off in this way.)

There are a series of videos from this diver. Scroll down:

vortex ring

Are these videos real? They appear to be. So how exactly is this done? A small burst of air is released into a toroidal or poloidal vortex, essentially a spinning donut of water.Β 

Bubble rings are actually made of two different rings, one inside the other, spinning in the same direction. The outer ring is made of water, and the inner one is made of air…Β 

bubble vortex

Just remember to stay safe when underwater. Conduct all experiments with adult supervision.Β 

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