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Unendurable line – Design Ah!

Consider this line and its corresponding chorus as they graph and reflect the variables of different objects. It’s a visual and aural experiment that can be created for anything… toast in the toaster, the wind in the trees, a crying baby, or something that’s happening in the room you’re in right now.

Created by filmmaker Daihei Shibata, Unendurable line|ガマンぎりぎりライン is another short film from Design Ah! (デザインあ), Japan’s Peabody award-winning children’s educational program. The EX NOVO Chamber Choir and composer Fukushima Yasuharu provide a score for each scene.

Update: See the choir perform in tandem for the Unendurable line Installation|ガマンぎりぎりライン展示 at Tokyo’s Miraikan in 2018.

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