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Schoolhouse Rock: Unpack Your Adjectives

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“Next time you go on a trip, Remember this little tip: The minute you get back, They’ll ask you this and that, You can describe people, places and things.”

Fun! Friendly! Wooded! Flowery! Frustrating! Worst! Soggy! Foggy! Unpack Your Adjectives to really describe things. This 1974 Schoolhouse Rock music video is a catchy, retro look at grammar with music and lyrics by George R. Newall.


“You can even make adjectives out of the other parts of speech, like verbs or nouns. All you have to do is tack on an ending like “-ic” or “-ish” or “-ary”. For example, this boy can grow up to be a huge man – but still have a boyish face. “Boy” is a noun, but the ending “-ish” makes it an adjective – boyish. That describes the huge man’s face, get it?”

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