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Van Gogh’s Starry Night painted on dark water by Garip Ay

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From ebru marbling artist Garip Ay in Istanbul, Turkey, this is Van Gogh on Dark Water, two floating paintings of Vincent Van Gogh masterpieces: The Starry Night and a self-portrait from 1889. From Ay via ABC News:

“The creation of my ‘Starry Night’/’self-portrait’ took about 20 minutes to create,” he explained. “The water, in addition to being thickened by carrageenan powder, was colored black for this project. It is one of the more complicated projects I have worked on, to be sure.”

starry night on dark water
See more of Garip Ay’s intricate water painting on his YouTube channel, including this masterfully quick video:

painting birds

On this site, watch The traditional Turkish paper marbling art of Ebru and The art of suminagashi or Japanese paper marbling.

via MentalFloss.

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