From Isata (piano), Braimah (violin), Sheku (cello), Konya (violin), Jeneba (cello) and Aminata (violin) Kanneh-Mason, six young musicians — ages 9-18 — based in Nottingham, England, this is Csárdás or Czardas, music by Italian composer Vittorio Monti for the traditional Hungarian folk dance. Oldest sister and pianist Isata attends the Royal Academy of Music as an Elton John Scholar, and the entire family (with the exception of 5-year-old Mariatu, not yet in the ensemble) performed on Britain’s Got Talent in May 2015.

Here’s one more – Johannes Brahms’ Hungarian Dance No. 5:

Watch more violin, cello, and piano performances, including Long Island’s Joyous String Quartet and this flash mob in the Copenhagen Metro.

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