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Volcano Filter Betta Aquarium

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Setting up a new aquarium can be a fascinating process, especially when you’re focused on balancing the ecosystem among different life forms. But that can be pretty tough, too. In the video above, aquatic hobbyist and YouTuber Foo the Flowerhorn sets up a Volcano Filter Betta Aquarium. It starts with plants, snails, escape-artist shrimp, and tetras, but soon includes a species of betta or Siamese Fighting Fish, a fish that’s notorious for its territorial nature.

The shrimp and tetras were getting along fine and did very well. The reason I waited 10 days before adding a betta was to see if the tetras were all healthy before adding a betta. Feeding them live brine shrimp along with flakes really made them recover faster from being shipped and put into a new tank. Also, I didn’t want to put the betta in first, b/c if the betta established its territory first, he might go after the tetras a lot more.

betta in with the tetras and shrimp

Adding a betta into this mix is risky. He is a chirpy little fellow, and I’m a little worried about the shrimp, especially. He has tried to catch the tetras here and there, but soon realized that there is absolutely no chance of him catching one.

The video includes acclimating new animals to the water and making a homemade custom cover for the tank.

creating a cover for the tank
It’s one in a series that chronicles the changes of this particular tank. Following videos include the betta enjoying shrimp snacks, snail overpopulation, some hydra, and a betta swap out.

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