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Vote with Benji

“As a cattle dog, Benji is just the best at communicating and herding,” explains Yoga with Adriene‘s Adriene Mishler.

“He really loves to take naps… but he also really loves to help! He quite enjoys a good task to focus on when it’s time to get to work. He likes to bring people together…”

In Vote with Benji, an animation by Will Rose, Mishler’s dog Benji resists naps and playing with tennis balls to gently remind people that it’s time to vote. Original music by Jason Newman, with story by Mishler and Jeff Mills.

reminding people at the park
reminding people in yoga class

Benji has launched a friendly and easy to use website that can assist you with all your voting needs like checking registration, finding your poll location, or reading up on Covid 19 voting info.

Visit for voting support.

Lining up to vote
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