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Walking alpacas at Taronga Zoo

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In a tranquil enclosure at Taronga Zoo, a trio of alpacas anticipate the day’s adventure. This clip from Secrets of the Zoo: Down Under follows zoo caretakers Parnee Bonson and Simon Brown as they lead these charming animals on a walk down the hill where they can graze.

One alpaca, Cartouche, is led with a halter and lead, while the other two alpacas, Scaramouche and Aragon, follow along freely. Bonson narrates:

“Once Scaramouche and Aragon realize that we’re coming down to the concert lawns, they tend to take off ahead of us and race down to the grass so they can start grazing.”

eager alpacas
Primarily found in Peru, alpacas are domesticated South American members of the Camelid family. Their slender build, long legs, small heads, pointed ears, and fur, prized for its softness and warmth, define their appearance. Unlike cattle and horses, the alpacas’ soft, padded feet allow them to graze without damaging the landscape. From NSW’s animal education:

“Alpacas are alert and inquisitive animals. They find comfort in groups or herds and move together in a mob when herded. They will scratch themselves on trees, posts and bushes and like to have dust baths. A suitable area for a dust bath should be considered when keeping alpacas.

“A herd of alpacas will have a community dung pile and if necessary will wait their turn to use it. They may lie down and bathe in the sun and may wade or swim into creeks or dams on hot days to cool down. Alpacas have three stomachs and chew the cud. They are usually placid and easily trainable, especially from a young age. Animals that are frequently worked with do not object to being touched or handled around their heads and legs, however animals that are infrequently worked with, may find this form of handling threatening. These animals will require time and consistent familiarisation to this handling.”

alpacas come for a treat
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