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Walking Table by Wouter Scheublin

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Some tables have three legs; most have four or more. Some tables stand on a single pedestal. And some have eight legs that, with a nudge, can walk like a robot.

This 2011 video shares a demonstration of a 2006 Walking Table design by Dutch furniture designer Wouter Scheublin, filmed by Benjamin LoyautΓ©.

Like Theo Jansen’s famous Strandbeests, the carefully engineered table “comes to life and mimics a natural walking motion” when pushed or pulled. The table stays stable while it walks thanks to a unique leg design; each side of the table has two pairs of legs that take turns extending and contracting.

The animation below, a 2021 demonstration video from the mechanics-focused SailCG channel, appears to deconstruct the engineering of Scheublin’s walking table:

walking table

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