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The Kid Should See This

Waterlight Graffiti, a water-activated drawing wall of LEDs

Spray bottles, sponges and paintbrushes, wet hands, buckets full of water all light up this specially designed wall made from thousands of LEDs. The wetter it gets, the brighter it gets. Waterlight Graffiti is a 2012 project by Antonin Fourneau that aims to create a playful and positive space for communities to create, share, and interact together. From the project site:

When it touches the frame of a LED, water creates an electrical bridge bringing the power required to light up the LED embedded under the surface… To use water, which has neither shape nor colour, to draw light, is a magical experience, regardless of the public age or its artistic sensibility… By mixing a natural element and technology, Waterlight Graffiti’s users can even play with the weather or the evaporation speed for example. Water Light Graffiti also has a surprising role during rainy days and turn them into fireworks of damp LEDs.

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via Laughing Squid.