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Watermelon Girl, a tale about growing, giving, and building community

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Once upon a time, a king ruled over a grand watermelon kingdom. With his belly full of delicious watermelon, the king lived a life of content solitude. He was grateful for the bounty with no need for the world beyond.

But as all tales must twist, the king’s reign came to an end with his death. And only then, looking beyond his castle walls from the statue erected in his honor, did he see what more he could have done.

the king eating watermelon

“I mourn more for my suffering people, regretting my life alone. I wish I’d been more generous with my watermelon throne. My hopes, dreams, and regrets over my greed distilled in my final tear. And it fell upon a seed.”

the seed
Journey with the resourceful Watermelon Girl, who grew from that seed, in this craft-inspired animation by director and Blender 3D tutorial YouTuber SouthernShotty.

Through challenges, setbacks, and victories while helping others, Watermelon Girl discovers happiness. It was not found in solitude or selfish indulgence, but in the warmth of friendship, the shared joy of giving, and the building of a community that she finds success.

helping an injured whale
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Plus: The Hoarder (1969) by Evelyn Lambart and Balance (1989), an Academy Award-winning stop-motion short.


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