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Whales swim with a paddleboarder off the coast of Esperance

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Take three minutes to fly over the crystal clear coast of Esperance in Western Australia to see two whales swimming near a paddleboarder. This drone footage was captured by Esperance local Jaimen Hudson, who went running down to the beach with his quadcopter when he heard there were whales nearby. Song: John Lennon’s Imagine, sung by Jack Johnson.

Southern right whales (Eubalaena australis) are 46-59 ft (14-18 m) long, and are dark with white callosities, markings of tough skin that also help us identify specific whales. Found only in the southern hemisphere, there are an estimated 12,000 individuals in total. From Wild About Whales:

Southern right whales delight whale watchers with their peculiar looks and crowd attracting antics, like breaching and headstands. They are increasingly seen on the NSW coastline from May to the end of November. You can spot them off the shore of a beach, on a boat or venture into a NSW national park.

Southern right whales can be found in very shallow water including estuaries and bays. They have even been known to swim into the surf zone, but are not known to strand. If you are lucky enough, you may even delight in watching the mothers and calves playing together. This is a very important time for the calf, as the mother is teaching its young the life skills it will need before it returns to the Antarctic.

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Via The Telegraph.

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