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A Whale’s Tale, an animation about plastic waste, kindness, and teamwork

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When a whale finds its tail caught in a fishing net, it uses the challenging predicament to rescue smaller sea creatures tangled in plastic waste. On the shore, a young boy realizes that there’s trash all over the place. He begins to raise awareness and get help with the clean up.

With the fishermen’s assistance, a fleet of boats assembles to embark on a mission to clear the plastic from the sea. And luckily, the whale gets some help, too.

This is A Whales Tale, a Hope Works animation that aired on CBC Kids, Cartoon Network, and other broadcast channels. From the video caption in 2018:

“Hope Works is a series of short films and supporting content designed to inspire the values of kindness, tolerance and understanding in children around the world… visit the website where you will find a wealth of materials to continue the conversation with kids around kindness, helping others, asking questions, understanding, accepting difference, including others, making a difference, asking for help.”

whale and the boat

• Little Things Make a Big Difference, a Hope Works .pdf lesson for younger and older classrooms, and for at home.

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