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What Can You Actually Do About Climate Change?

The average carbon footprint of a person in the US is 16.5 tons –TONS. So, what can you actually do decrease this number and make a meaningful difference?

Miriam Nielsen itemizes how our individual choices can have an impact on our carbon footprint, from reusing shopping bags to eating less meat, to choosing to buy green energy and more. She also acknowledges the challenges that come with facing those choices and how much our culture as a whole will need to shift in order to make meaningful changes.

Learn more about the possibilities in this episode of Hot Mess, PBS Digital Studio’s show about climate change, with hosts Miriam Nielsen, Talia Buford, and Joe Hanson.

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Plus: How to fit 4 years of trash into a mason jar, a zero waste experiment, the Stanford Solar Car Project, fourth graders that created a solar powered classroom, and How Do Solar Panels Work?

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