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What happened to the Milky Way?

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What do you see in the night sky where you live? Can you see the Milky Way — that glowing, star-filled band of light that stretches across the sky?

What happened to the Milky Way? The Atlantic Video team explores The International Dark Sky Association‘s efforts to reverse light pollution by studying how humans use (and waste) light, how we can transition to more focused LED lighting, and how we can re-introduce the night sky’s beauty to young and old alike. Consider this from astronomer and author Tyler Nordgren:

“We’re losing the stars… For 4.5 billion years, Earth has been a planet with a day and a night. Since the electric light bulb was invented, we’ve progressively lit up the night, and have gotten rid of it. Now 99 percent of the population lives under skies filled with light pollution.”

light pollution - observatory
Be sure to read’ Falling in Love with the Dark, and from National Geographic: Our Vanishing Night.

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