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What is Botany? Alexis Nikole Nelson explains with Crash Course Botany

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Botany is the scientific study of plants, and it’s full of drama, intrigue, history, and oodles of small yet essential things that happen every single day. In fact, “it’s no overstatement to say our livesβ€”and the lives of every other creature on Earthβ€”depend on plants.”

“We humans think we’re such a big deal, but if you squished up every living thing on the planet into one big ball, eighty percent of it would be plants, and less than one percent would be mammals.

“Some folks say we’re missing the forest for the trees, but we’re also missing the trees! And the ferns, and the mosses, and the palms and the sedges.”

screaming grass blade

“There’s a whole other world here, and it’s all around us. You see, plants aren’t just a bunch of wallflowers. You just weren’t a part of their group chat yet. But that’s all about to change, and they have so much dirt to dish out.”

How does botany shape our world? How are we surrounded by plants all day long, even when we’re inside with not one house plant in sight? Why is it so important to understand the power of plants on our planet?

plants in our bathrooms
Shelter, clothes, medicines, food, the oxygen we breathe, and the civilizations we’ve built are all possible because of plants. American forager and cook Alexis Nikole Nelson describes all this and more in this inaugural episode of Crash Course Botany on YouTube and

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