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What Is Rewilding?

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Can handing the reins back to nature help mend the deep environmental wounds inflicted upon our planet? Mathematician Hannah Fry discusses the transformative conservation concept of rewilding in this short clip from episode 6 of her streaming Bloomberg Originals series The Future With Hannah Fry.

“When it comes to nature, species are performing this incredibly intricate, delicate dance with one another. And it’s so finely balanced, that if you take out just one species, it can end up having a catastrophic effect that cascades all the way down through the food chain, a trophic cascade, as it’s known…”

hannah fry on keystone species

“This incredible delicacy in the complex network of species, viewed from one perspective, can make it look like it’s quite fragile.

“But actually, from another perspective, it can really be a strength of an ecosystem because sometimes there are certain species—certain keystone species, as they’re known—which when reintroduced in the right time and the right place, can have a positive impact that cascades both upwards and downwards… just by introducing one single keystone species.”

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