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What’s the Longest Word?

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What is the longest word? Wait… What is a word? This is the question that Dr. Erica Brozovsky asks in this episode of Otherwords from PBS Storied.

A word might be spoken or written. Words can be invented and evolve over time. In English, are compound words with spaces, like ice cream or roller coaster, one word or two? What’s the difference between front yard and backyard?

Is a word a word when it’s an understandable phrase all mashed together?

a phrase all mashed together
“Are words things that exist only on paper and not in our minds?” Is a long word really a word if it’s artificially long, never used, or if no one knows what it means?

a very long English word that defines itself
what is a word?
And how much do we rely on memory to just know a word?

Hear Brozovsky discuss these questions in the video above. Plus, learn some of the longest written words and a few long words that are used in everyday conversations.

is this the longest word?
And don’t miss more from Otherwords on Youtube.

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