With the effect of a time-lapse, filmmaker Paul Bush animates photos of more than 3,000 insect specimens from Walter Linsenmaier’s insect collection in the natural history museum of Luzern, Switzerland. Of While Darwin Sleeps…, his stop-motion style short from 2004, Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art‘s Alistair Robinson writes:

As thousands of different species swim past our eyes, a strange effect occurs… the sheer volume of information which floods our sensory apparatus overpowers our ability to identify, classify or comprehend any individual species. Accordingly our brain accepts them to be a single unity; as one monstrous shape-shifting creature in constant metamorphosis… The experience the work offers is both marvellous and monstrous; of a kind of natural history gothic where the artist is like a sorcerer’s apprentice at work in the sanctity of a museum.

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via Boing Boing.

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