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Why do we confuse weather and climate?

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Weather and climate are not the same things, yet we might get confused between the two. What is weather and what is climate? And how is climate like the game Plinko?

In this episode of PBS Digital Studio’s Hot Mess, Joe Hanson explains the difference between climateβ€”which “tells us what clothes to have in our closet”β€”and weatherβ€”which “tells us what to wear right now.” He also delves into the how our recent experiences can shape our perceptions, especially when it’s a complex issue like climate change.

Check out more videos from Hot Mess on YouTube and read more infomation at climate.nasa.gov.

Then follow this with Crash Course Kids’ Weather vs. Climate + Severe Weather, and a brilliant clip with Neil deGrasse Tyson and a dog: The difference between weather and climate change.

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