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Why don’t we cover the desert with solar panels?

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“Every day, the sands of the Sahara Desert reach temperatures up to 80° Celsius. Stretching over roughly nine million square kilometers, this massive desert receives about 22 million terawatt hours of energy from the Sun every year. That’s well over 100 times more energy than humanity consumes annually. So, could covering the desert with solar panels solve our energy problems for good?”

energy in the desert
Solar panel technologies are more efficient than ever, they’re less expensive than they were a decade ago, and they’ve been set up at a small scale in deserts around the world. Why don’t we cover the desert with solar panels?

Learn about the issues, alternatives, and opportunities in this TED-Ed lesson by Dan Kwartler, directed by Christoph Sarow of AIM Creative Studios.

concentrated solar power stations
a city full of solar panels
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