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Can wolves howl and relax at the same time?

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Gray wolves Alawa and Zephyr were resting when they heard the howls. But instead of getting up, they rather efficiently started howling while they were still lying down.

This Wolf Conservation Center webcam video captures 2.5 minutes of these captive-born ‘ambassador wolves’ while they howl from their protected den in the South Salem, New York forest. The pair, along with gray wolf Nikai, help visitors at the Wolf Conservation Center learn about wolves, their importance in creating healthy ecosystems, and how humans can better coexist with wolves to help protect them.

howling wolves
But why do wolves howl? In addition to establishing their territories—a warning to stay away—or finding each other across long distances, “sometimes wolves sing just to make music.” From WCC:

It’s called ‘social glue’ – a spreading of good feeling like people singing around a campfire, feeling closer to one another – it’s that same idea: through song, wolves reaffirm social bonds with one another.

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