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The World Below: Stunning footage from the International Space Station

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Spend six awe-inspiring minutes in orbit above planet Earth. This stunning edit by photographer and videographer Bruce W. Berry Jr. uses 4K video and time-lapse footage captured by astronauts on the International Space Station: The World Below. The accompanying music is titled Journey to the Line, composed and performed by Hans Zimmer. Berry notes:

The slower video represents true speed of the ISS or was shot in 4K at 24fps. These clips are all marked with an *. Unfortunately I do not know all of the locations of the shots as many files did not have a name on them and just the mission numbers.

Locations of Footage in the order they appear:

1. Kounotori 4, unmanned cargo spacecraft *
2. Unknown*
3. Quebec City, Canada
4-7. Unknown*
8. Ucayali River, Peru*
9. Unknown*
10. Quebec City and St. Lawrence River, Canada*
11-12. Unknown*
13. Western United States*
14. Unknown*
15. Ataturk Dam Lake, on the Euphrates River, Turkey *
16. Nile River, lower Egypt*
17. Dubai, United Arab Emirates*
18. Bahamas*
19. The Nile Delta, Egypt*
20. Texas Gulf Coast*
21. Unknown*
22. Unknown
23. Aurora Borealis over North America
24. Aurora Borealis over Canada and USA
25. Iberian Peninsula to Red Sea
26. Southern Hemisphere Aurora and Sunrise
27. The Nile River Delta to Mecca, Middle East
28. Mexico to Maine, USA
29. Balearic Sea to Lake Turkana
30. Atlantic Ocean to Kazakhstan
31. Aurora Borealis over the Atlantic Ocean
32. The Earth and sunrise in 4K

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