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Shattering glass with the World’s Largest Horn

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How do horns amplify sound? Why are they flared at the ends? And how do airhorns work? Mark Rober wanted to find out so he spent eight months building a massive air horn… perhaps the world’s largest horn.

In this video, he takes it to the desert to test the speed of sound and shatter some glass with Lincoln and Dan from What’s Inside. He also explores how hearing works and why horns have that curved shape. File under: Jello and impedance matching.

largest horn mark rober
speed of sound mark rober
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Follow this video with these: Breaking glass with sound and Schlieren flow visualizations: What Does Sound Look Like?

Plus: A waterless & chemical-free sound wave fire extinguisher, resonance, forced vibration, and a tuning forks demo, and Sounding Shetland’s recently restored Sumburgh Head Foghorn.

Bonus: Building the solar system to scale in the Nevada desert.

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