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How to drive the Ford Model T – XCAR Films

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“At one point, over half the cars in the U.S. were Model Ts. They were used for business, for pleasure, for everything really. Even in World War I, they were praised for their abilities. Ford’s dream of freeing farmers from fields was coming true, and it also meant that city dwellers could go out and explore the countryside.

“There was a knock on effect, too: When the T entered production, the roads were terrible. The only paved street would probably be a town’s main street. As more people drove, more roads were paved, so not only did the Model T allow people to go traveling, it literally changed the landscape due to its popularity.”

Get a mini-history lesson about American industrialist Henry Ford, his vision for mobilizing the masses in a whole new way, as well as his revolutionary approaches for making cars, specifically the very popular Ford Model T. Then get a close up look at how this 1915 “Tin Lizzie” works. XCAR Films demonstrates How to Drive The Car That Moved The World.

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via The Awesomer.

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