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Yakko’s Nations of the World: An updated version
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For anyone who watched cartoons in the early 1990s, Yakko’s World from Steven Spielberg Presents: Animaniacs will be familiar. A memory-challenging list song that’s up there with one of our favorites, Tom Lehrer’s The Elements, Yakko’s World inventories the nations of the world in a tongue-twisting, speed-increasing series of verses.

Though he doesn’t map them, singer songwriter Kylan deGhetaldi updated the song with new countries & territories in 2013, above. He writes:

The first 4 verses are original from the show in 1993, so it’s a little out of date. The next 3 verses are ones I’ve added, mostly taken from the “List of Sovereign States” article on Wikipedia. I’ve added asterisks after the places that aren’t considered “official” sovereign states, but still made it into the song. This is the third version of this song I’ve uploaded, because I keep forgetting countries, but this time I’m almost sure I’ve got em all.

In case you’d like to double check if the song needs another update, the lyrics are in his video notes, and for context, here’s the original cartoon:

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