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Golden snub-nosed monkey families battle in the snow

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In this clip from the BBC’s Seven Worlds, One Planet, these Ewok-like golden snub-nosed monkeys take refuge in Yunnan, China‘s remote White Horse Snow Mountains.

They face “a grueling winter with little food and no shelter from the cold,” as well as competition from other hungry golden snub-nosed monkey families that are looking for moss, lichen, and other winter sustenance.

a golden snub-nose monkey observes the landscape
In the clip above, two families fight for territories and resources, a battle that sends one family retreating into the woods.

The skirmish might have only lasted a minute, but the incredible slow-motion footage, shot from especially close-range, places viewers in the middle of the intense and dangerous rivalry.

golden snub-nose monkeys
Favorite pastime: Spotting surprised monkey faces in the background of the video.

surprised monkey in the background
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Update: The original video was removed.

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