Your Saved Videos

A quick note: After some glitches came up this summer, I've decided to upgrade the technology that runs this site. Unfortunately, to do this I'll need to retire the SAVE VIDEO function (a feature that hasn't worked consistently for all of our visitors), but I don't want you to lose your favorite vids!
Please back up your Saved Videos.
If you open each of your saved videos in different tabs, you can 'Add Bookmarks for these Tabs' in Safari or Chrome. I also highly recommend using the OneTab extension for Chrome or Firefox to save pages. Both can be quick solutions.
Updates began on Saturday evening, August 26th.
Updates will continue throughout the autumn. To stay informed, please sign up for TKSST's free newsletter.

Thank you so much for supporting TKSST and the awesome content creators that make these vids. I'm looking forward to sharing more smart educational content for all ages as the site grows. – Rion

Save videos for screen time or save favorites that are asked for 1000 times. Just click the Save Video button above any video. It'll be bookmarked here.

To remove a vid, visit the video and click the Saved! button. Videos are saved anonymously in association with your IP address. Example: Saving on an iPad at home will not keep them accessible on that same iPad at school. Clearing cookies will clear all of your saves.
Trouble saving or unsaving? Email TheKidShouldSeeThis (at)