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Why are Dalmatians the Traditional Dog of Choice at Firestations?

Before fire trucks, there were horse-drawn carriages. One of the most effective fire-fighting tools in the middle of the 18th century was the steam pumper- a machine that consisted of a boiler which was able to use st...

Neil deGrasse Tyson Replies to Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

"I got a phone call from the Abraham Lincoln Library Foundation, and they asked me, would I mind composing 272 words of my own reflecting on Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address? I'm going to read you what I wrote..."...

How is Victorian Nectar Drop candy made?

...and why are lemon drops, cough drops, and fruit drops all called drops? In this video by Tallahassee, Florida's Lofty Pursuits artisanal candy makers, we get an up close look at how their restored candy equipme...

How did clouds get their names? – TED Ed

In daydreaming out the window as a kid, Luke Howard began to informally study the constantly changing clouds in the sky. In 1802, he was the first to name cloud forms, as well as a variety of transitional cloud types....

L’homme à la tête de caoutchouc (1901) – Georges Méliès

L'Homme à la tête de Caoutchouc (The Man With The Rubber Head) was directed by film pioneer Georges Méliès in 1901. The special effects might not look surprising now, but the superimposition and scale change film ...

Morse Code – Museum of Obsolete Objects

From the 2011 video series, Museum of Obsolete Objects by Germany-based agency Jung von Matt, this is a telegraph key used in mid-1800s telegraphy: A straight key is the common telegraph key as seen in various mov...

Mechanical singing bird box automata of the 1700s

While googling about mechanical inventions like Mark Galt’s walking mechanical humans, I happened upon this lovely 1890 piece of restored gears and springs, with the original bellows: a singing bird mechanism. F...

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