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I is for IC – Circuit Playground

'IC' stands for integrated circuit, and in I is for IC from Circuit Playground, Adabot learns that there's a lot going on inside of them and without them, our electronics would still be huge. From Explain That Stuff: ...

H is for Hertz – Circuit Playground

How does the internet work on your laptop, phone, and other wireless devices without any connecting cables? How does your television remote work? In this episode of Circuit Playground, Adabot learns about electromagne...

G is for Ground – Circuit Playground

Join Adafruit Founder Limor Fried and her robot friend ADABOT as they find electrical connections to the earth in a wide variety of places. This is G is for Ground from Circuit Playground, Adafruit's kid-friendly educ...

F is for Frequency – Circuit Playground

Who better than a talking oscilloscope to explain what frequency is and why it's so important for radio and sound waves! Come learn with ADABOT in this episode of Circuit Playground: F is for Frequency.

D is for Diode – Circuit Playground

D is for Diode! Protector of circuits and the D in LEDs, learn how diodes work in this episode of Circuit Playground, featuring engineer Amanda “W0z” Wozniak and ADABOT.

C is for Capacitor – Circuit Playground

C is for Capacitor! It's episode three of Circuit Playground with MIT engineer and Adafruit Founder Limor Fried, along with her robot friend ADABOT and special guest Cappy. Learn how capacitors of all shapes and sizes...

How to make LED sneakers – Adafruit Wearables

Light up your stride! Mod a pair of high-tops with NeoPixel strip and FLORA, Adafruit's wearable electronics platform. These sneakers use a velostat step sensor in the heel to trigger firey animations as you walk! ...

B is for Battery – Circuit Playground

We love this made-for-kids series of videos, Circuit Playground, by MIT engineer and Adafruit Founder Limor Fried (in the pink hair) and her robot friend ADABOT. For this excellent DIY project — and to find out...

How to Make LED Origami – Adafruit

Have you been wanting to light up your origami? Then look no further than this fun LED Origami video tutorial by Adafruit's Becky Stern and Risa Rose. They also have step-by-step lotus flower and frog instructions. ...

A is for Ampere – Circuit Playground

This made-for-kids video, Circuit Playground “A is for Ampere” – Episode 1, isn’t your everyday made-for-kids video. DIY electronics shop Adafruit, led by MIT engineer and Adafruit Founder Limor Fried (in the ...

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