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Les machines impossible, an animated series for the Centre Pompidou

What happens to a bowling ball after you bowl with it? How do vending machines really work? What happens to your luggage when you check it in at the airport? What's inside a street organ? In 2017, Centre Pompidou m...

A 360 degree interactive cockpit view from an Airbus A320

What is it like to be in the cockpit of an airplane? This 11m25s video from Switzerland's Blick newspaper brings us inside the cockpit with the pilot and copilot for a 360 degree interactive take off and landing of an...

What Happens to Your Checked Luggage at the Airport

Ride the luggage roller coaster at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport in this behind-the-scenes glimpse at where your bag goes after you check it in at the counter. This POV video footage from a luggage-mounted camera illum...

Mexico City International Airport from a drone’s-eye view

Here's something we don't get to see everyday: a drone flying around the runways of an international airport. In close contact with the control tower and pilots, Mexico City-based drone photo and video company Postand...

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