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Look Up! The Billion-Bug Highway You Can’t See

When British scientist Jason Chapman told us... there are 3 billion insects passing over your head in a summer month, he was talking about his survey in Great Britain. Closer to the equator, he says, the numbers shoul...

Pinball Number 12 Remade

Animator Abbey Luck created a stop-motion version of Sesame Street’s classic animation from Pinball Number 12, circa 1977, one of our favorites. The them is sung by the Pointer Sisters. Be sure to also che...

Norman McLaren’s Boogie Doodle (1948)

Norman McLaren was a Scottish Canadian film director and a “poet of animation.” Much of his work is pioneering and playful, dancing between abstraction and representation… perfect for kids! Plus, the...

Meet the Elements – They Might Be Giants

If only I’d seen this when I was a kid, high school chemistry would have made more sense! And maybe I would have been loudly singing, “Elephants are mostly made of four elements!” like my kiddos were...

The Alphabet, illustrated

Italian studio n9ve has illustrated the alphabet using animated representational vignettes for words starting with each letter. This is a follow up to their first Alphabet video, based on fonts...

Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree

Written (and narrated) by Shel Silverstein, a ten minute animated short of a classic story: The Giving Tree, from OpenCulture: Back in 1964, Shel Silverstein wrote The Giving Tree, a widely loved children’s book writt...

CUSTOMTONE by Fracture & Neptune

A music video for Fracture and Neptune’s Customtone, animated by Emilski and Nick Duggins.

The Water Cycle: A boogie woogie stop motion clay animation

The Water Cycle! This cute little stop motion piece about water in many of its forms was created by animator Emma Dougherty at StopMoGo, and was inspired by her time as a teacher. Also, it has great boogie woogie mus...

Life-sized stop motion: Sorry I’m Late

Shooting stop-motion straight down on the ground is such a great way to animate. Aardman Studio’s recently released Gulp, a sponsored short that was filmed on “the world’s largest stop-motion animat...

Art Clokey’s Gumbasia (1955)

Gumbasia was Art Clokey’s first film, made in 1955 at the University of Southern California. It was a parody of Disney’s Fantasia, using stop-motion clay figures. This short film led to funding for his first Gumby fil...

Haerskogen by David Luepschen

Strange little forest dwellers! Haerskogen by David Luepschen.  Via SwissMiss.

Sync by Max Hattler

Sync, “a circular looping animation projection installation.” Some really beautiful patterns, great sound design, and probable dizziness.  Via The Curious Brain. 

Electric Company: Silent E!

Silent E! From The Electric Company. In the archives: more about words.

Sesame Street and Philip Glass: Geometry of Circles (1979)

Above, the classic collaboration between Sesame Street and Philip Glass entitled Geometry of Circles. Via Brain Pickings: In 1979, the makers of Sesame Street commissioned Philip Glass to compose music for a serie...

Al Jarnow’s Cosmic Clock (1979)

A billion years pass in under two minutes, this classic Al Jarnow animation from 3-2-1 Contact in 1979 visualizes the passage of time for all ages: Cosmic Clock. From the early 1970s through the 1990s, Jarnow made ...

Stop-Motion Biscuit Cake: A chocolate biscuit cake that makes itself

"…Dee joked that she has made her legendary chocolate biscuit cake so many times now that the ingredients could make it by themselves." And so begins the idea behind Alan Travers’ f...

The Bicycle Animation: Live animation on a bicycle wheel

Bicycle wheel animation by Katy Beveridge.

Little Music Flipbook

Flipbooks (and making them) are little bits of magic.

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