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The science of solar eclipses: How do solar & lunar eclipses work?

How do solar & lunar eclipses work? And why don't we get eclipses every month? This Vox explainer is packed full of really interesting information about the remarkable science of solar eclipses. Find out how 5.1 d...

Why Do Clouds Stay Up? – It’s Okay to Be Smart

Clouds are filled with so many water droplets that they're actually heavy... like 100 elephants heavy or a 747 airplane heavy! So why don't clouds fall out of the sky? It's Okay to Be Smart's Joe Hanson explains every...

The 45th Anniversary of Earthrise (2013) – NASA

On December 24, 1968, the Apollo 8 crew orbited the moon and discovered Earth. Astronauts James Lovell, command module pilot, William Anders, lunar module pilot, and Frank Borman, commander, we...

Build your own space-time warping demo for the classroom

Physics Teacher SOS workshop leader Dan Burns demonstrates how he uses stretched spandex lycra, weights, marbles, and gravity in his high school classes to make this impressive space-time wa...

Neil Armstrong’s First Steps on the Moon: CBS covers Apollo 11

Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon's surface at 10:56pm EDT, July 20, 1969. Buzz Aldrin followed him 20 minutes after. This was the CBS Television coverage, anchored by legendary newscaster Walter Cronkite. Live...

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) Images of Apollo landing sites

From NASA this morning:  Just Released: Lunar landing sites for Apollo 12, 14, 17 as you’ve never seen them before! Though they’re not up close, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has taken sharp enoug...

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