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Nature’s Masters Of Disguise – Maddie About Science

Go behind-the-scenes at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History with arachnologist Hannah Wood and Maddie About Science host Maddie Sofia to see the mimics of the museum's collection. Atlas moths, stick bugs, leaf i...

Spid-a-boo! The Jotus remus peacock spider waves its paddle leg

A newly discovered peacock spider, the Jotus remus -- 'remus' means 'oar' or 'paddle' in Latin -- waves his paddle shaped leg at potential mates as he hides the rest of his body. Though he can't see the female, he can...

Trogloraptors & How Science Works – Cal Academy

In 2010, some amateur cave explorers discovered a relatively large six-eyed, hook-legged, orangey-brown spider in a Southern Oregon cave. In 2012, the spider was named Trogloraptor marchingtoni or Trogloraptor (which ...

Shake Your Silk-Maker: The Dance of the Peacock Spider

When a peacock spider dances, how do we know that it's a really, really good dancer? From their colorful, iridescent body displays, to their wide variety of dance moves, to the different rhythms that they "sing" while...

The Peacock Spiders of Australia

Entomologist Dr. Jürgen Otto films the Peacock Spiders of Australia, and they are super fun to watch. Though they are not well documented, there are 20 known species of these small jumping spiders. They have huge eye...

An industrious spider builds an orb web

To the music of Bossa Nostra’s Groovin’ On, watch this industrious backyard spider construct an orb web for catching insects. From wikipedia:  During the process of making an...

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