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A world record 217-way 3 points skydive over Arizona in 360°

Watch as skydivers set a 217-way 3 points Sequential FAI World Record with their formation at Skydive Arizona for the Sequential Games 2017 in October. Via Air Sports Net: After setting the initial formation, thos...

Petrified Forest National Park & how petrified wood is made

Fallen coniferous trees from 211-218 million years ago can be found scattered across the desert of eastern Arizona in the form of petrified wood. Made primarily from quartz, these geological wonders are actually fossi...

Hikaru dorodango, handmade ‘shining mud dumplings’

Around 2001, Professor Fumio Kayo of the Kyoto University of Education made news by bringing the Japanese art of hikaru dorodango (どろ だんご or 'shining mud dumpling') into preschool classrooms as a play activity, t...

LeVar Burton visits the Grand Canyon – Reading Rainbow

Update: Due to a legal dispute between public broadcast station WNED and LeVar Burton's RRKidz, new Reading Rainbow videos have been removed from YouTube. We hope to include the original video when the dispute is reso...

Camels and Friends: Nessie and Baby in Arizona

Watch dromedary camels Nessie and Baby run from “dangerous” plastic bins in the wind. You can tell that they are Dromedary or Arabian camels because they have only one hump—the hump looks like a D—vs a Bac...

Landscapes – Exploring Arizona and Utah in time lapse

Landscapes: Volume Two — the second of three, with notes here — features stunning images of Arizona and Utah, including time lapse skies filled with stars. Via @brainpicker. 

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