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A lunar eclipse & the auroras over Alaska, an 8K 360º time lapse

A super blue blood moon eclipse reveals the aurora borealis—auroras over the northern auroral zone—in this stunning 8K 360º time lapse video. The combination of celestial delights was filmed by William Briscoe Photogr...

Humpback whales swim under the northern lights

Off the coast of Kvaløya island in Tromsø, humpback whales swim beneath the northern lights. The brief scene was captured by Norwegian photographer Harald Albrigtsen for Norwegian public television (NRK). Cue the auro...

Stunning Aurora Borealis from Space in Ultra-HD 4K

From cameras filming on the International Space Station, enjoy this stunning ultra high definition 4K footage of planet Earth. Turn down the volume, full screen the vid, and put some classical music on. Harmonic pr...

Apotheosis – Northern Lights over Icelandic landscapes

From filmmaker Henry Jun Wah Lee, this is Apotheosis, a Northern Lights time lapse film featuring the landscapes of Iceland. Available in 4k, watch full screen. Via The Creator's Project: In 2015, the Earth is in ...

NORWAY: A Time-Lapse Adventure

The mountains, the sunsets, the fjords, the auroras! NORWAY: a time lapse adventure in an extremely majestic country. From Rustad Media: This is a time-lapse video resulting from a 15,000 km (almost 10,000 miles) ...

This is NOT time lapse: the Aurora Borealis in real time

This breathtaking video of the Aurora Borealis is not a time lapse video — this is what it looks like in real time. It was filmed in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada by astro-p...

Travel through Greenland on a dog sled

With a pack of impatient dogs barking that they’re ready to go, travel through Greenland on a dog sled, a mode of transport that is thousands of years old. In the archives: more animals in the snow.

A planetary time lapse from the International Space Station

With footage taken from the International Space Station, NASA fan Bruce W Berry Jr cleaned up and created this Time-Lapse | Earth homage. The location views are listed in order:  1. A Jump over the Terminator2. Sa...

The Auroras, Earth’s Art Show – It’s Okay to Be Smart

From PBS’ Digital Studios, It’s Okay to Be Smart's The Auroras, Earth’s Art Show! Learn More about the invisible forcefield — a magnetic field — that protects all life on Earth from space radia...

Earth: Seen from ISS expeditions 28 and 29 (2011)

This video might seem like déjà vu — you’ve seen something like it before — but this one is so much more stunning! Be sure to watch it HD full screen.  This new (or newly edited?) video was shot ...

How the Aurora Borealis is created

Produced by in collaboration with the Department of Physics at the University of Oslo, this is a brilliantly simple explainer about How the Aurora Borealis is created.

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