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Winnie-the-Pooh (Винни-Пух) by Russian animator Fyodor Khitruk

Comparing different versions of familiar stories can be a great example of how many ways there are to see the world. The video above is a fascinating example: Winnie-the-Pooh (Винни-Пух, 1969) by Russian animator Fyod...

Stop Motion Tissue Paper Animals

Made as a commercial for Japanese tissue paper company Nepia, watch Yuki Ariga’s Tissue Paper Animals. Now take a look behind-the-scenes at how the team put it together: Related watching: more stop motion,...

Tuurngait – A child goes on a wild bird chase

In the Inuit mythology, « Tuurngait » are the spirits that play tricks to humans. To succeed, they often adopt the physical appearance of an animal… Adventure with an Inuit child and a wild bird ...

Polar Bears Eat Goose Eggs: New eating habits in warmer climates

Polar Bears Eat Goose Eggs in the Arctic’s summer months, but now scientists are studying how melting sea ice might affect the bears’ eating habits in the years to come. Will more eggs be on their menu? U...

Alaska: The Nutrient Cycle

Alaska: The Nutrient Cycle by wildlife filmmaker Paul Klaver. Once they enter fresh water chum salmon stop feeding and morph into an aggressive creature intent only on mating. After spawning, they die and their b...

Paper Plane by Massimo Giangrande

Paper Plane, a song by Massimo Giangrande. Video directed and animated by Gianluca Maruotti, and illustrated by Felicita Sala. Next, watch this lovely behind the scenes video about how they put it all together: 

Bears in the forest: What goes on when you are not there…

As a part of their research on wildlife population distribution, animal activity and key biodiversity hotspots in Kananaskis Country, Alberta, Canada, the Alberta Parks team set up a motion-sensitive camera to see wha...

Bare: A bear adjusts to nature at his new house in the woods

Bare, by Helen Dallat and Daisy Gould, "about a bear who moves to the woods, but soon finds out that he doesn't like all the mess!" Related listening: After this: watch more videos about seasons…

How to make an origami “Spectacled” Andean Bear hat

"Origami’s really cool because it’s a sharing activity… " And share you can, because this scientist video comes with an advanced origami how-to for making a "Spectacled" Andean Bear Hat (pdf)... Or y...

Photographing polar bears underwater

National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen talks about his underwater image of a diving polar bear in Arctic waters, and the passion behind what drives his work.  Watch more videos about polar bears on this site

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