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Scorpions of the Bay Area

"There are absolutely scorpions in the Bay Area, in fact, California is one of the most diverse places on Earth for scorpions. We have somewhere between four and six species of scorpions locally. The good thing is tha...

Scorpion evolution, scorpion moms, & glowing scorpions

Scorpion facts: Scorpions have been on Earth for 400 million years, scorpions give birth to live young and then catch them in their arms, and under ultraviolet light, scorpions fluoresce. Scientist and Cal Academy Ass...

Discovered! A “glowing” biofluorescent hawksbill sea turtle

You're on a night dive in the Solomon Islands to film biofluorescence in small sharks and corals. Your underwater camera system includes a blue light and a yellow filter that blocks out blue light, allowing you to see...

The Difference Between Bioluminescence and Fluorescence

The Difference Between Bioluminescence and Fluorescence, an animated explainer from the Vancouver Aquarium team.

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